Fire Station 1

Fire Station #1
Architect: Sweet Sparkman Architects
Owner: Sarasota County Fire District
12,900 sq ft

Sarasota County Fire Station No. 1 is a new 12,894 SF fire station with administrative offices and training facilities. Site Improvements include public vehicle and staff parking areas and the addition of a new fuel filling site.  The station houses four 4 drive-through apparatus bays with living quarters capable of serving fourteen 14 firefighters/EMS personnel. Other interior spaces include a kitchen, exercise room, day room, dining area, screened porch and report writing area. A Multi-Purpose Room is programmed to serve as a training room for EMS personnel. This room is also available for public use.

The construction of the fire station includes masonry bearing walls, and metal trusses. Exterior detailing of the facility compliments the Florida Vernacular imagery and includes extruded aluminum cistern barrels that gather rainwater for re-use.

The Fire Station obtained a Silver LEED award. The Silver LEED standard was met by implementing the following systems: Cisterns harvest rainwater from the roofs to reuse for irrigation, truck filling and washing down the Apparatus Bay floors, Daylight is harvested with the use of solar tubes to illuminate the interior corridors during the day. The metal roofing is a high albedo roof to reflect the sun so as not to create excessive heat, All landscaping is drought tolerant native vegetation. Irrigation is from harvested rainwater with a potable water backup, Tankless Water Heaters augmented by passive solar hot water tanks.

Stephen K Collins P.E. - Engineer of Record (Prior Firm Experience)